We Care

Natural Mama Boxes was born on the beaches of the Jersey Shore.  We have a special relationship with our local beaches and waterways.  We swim at these locations with our kids.  It is important to us to keep them clean. 

In an effort to do our part, we pledge to donate a portion of our proceeds to local and national organizations that are committed to the care of our beaches and oceans.  

Do you know that you can recycle our boxes and the packing material that is enclosed?  This is by design.  The padding that keeps your products safe during delivery is made with recycled paper and we encourage you to recycle it again!  We also ask that you recycle or reuse the kraft box that contains all the products. An example of a great way to reuse our box is to make it a craft box!  It is the perfect size to fit a small pad, stickers, glue, crayons, etc.  Your kids will love it!