The journey to Mamahood can be overwhelming.  We at Natural Mama Boxes understand this and want to help in any way that we can.  The purpose of our Resources page is to include helpful links and articles to assist you on this beautiful journey to baby.  We will be updating this page often so please continue to visit!  

Also, if you have a favorite website that was helpful during your pregnancy journey please email it to us at or leave us a comment on Facebook and Instagram!

The Environmental Working Group

EWG is a first stop when researching the ingredients of the products that you use.  If you see the EWG Verified ™ on a product you can be confident that it is free from EWG’s chemicals of concern and meets their strict standards.  Check out one of their fantastic resources -  EWG's Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy


The Fertility Tribe  

Looking for support on your unique journey to motherhood?  The Fertility Tribe is an online community focused on sharing daily inspiration and real stories about all things related to fertility, from infertility and IVF to pregnancy and postpartum.  Their mission statement is "Redefining Fertility Together, because, honestly, who can do this alone?!  Join the conversation on Instagram @thefertilitytribe, or visit their website at

Wellness Mama is an online resource for women and moms who want to live a healthier life.  It is also a resource for Natural Food Recipes, Remedies and Motherhood.

What to Expect

Useful information on all phases of pregnancy.

Natural Mama Boxes Pinterest Page:

Our Pinterest page is an ever evolving resource for mothers who are looking for information on having a cleaner pregnancy and the products that can help achieve this.  The Pinterest page also has tips for Breastfeeding Mamas and general tips from other mamas about raising babies.  

Badger Balms “All about Badger Sunscreens”:

We were going to ask Althea to write a guide about Natural sunscreens but Badger did such a great job with their guide we figured it would be best to share it.  The guide references their amazing products but the knowledge is not brand specific and is a good way to learn more about sunscreens.  On the topic of sunscreens, be sure to read our blog 5 Safe and Clean Sunscreens that we Love for Summer.

Sunshine Kate's: 

Sunshine Kate has a beautiful Wellness Center in NJ that offers Yoga, infared sauna and Yoni Wellness.  Although she is NJ based her website is valuable no matter where you call home.  Kate has a very inspirational blog!  You will just feel better after browsing her website so check it out.  Kate also runs wellness retreats at beautiful destinations around the globe.  

Family Living Today:

Family Living Today has a wonderful step by step guide on baby-proofing your house.  We really like their approach and felt it was worth sharing with our community!