Who are we and why should you trust us to offer the best natural products?

Susan is a Natural Mama with over 15 years of experience working in the Natural Body Care Industry.  She has personally tested hundreds of products and uses every product that we put in our boxes with her family.  There is a common misconception that Natural and Organic products are less effective than the genetically modified, mass produced products you see on the shelves.  This is not always the case.  We use these products with our families and have found them to be just as effective without all the unnecessary toxins.  Safety with efficacy is what we strive to include in our boxes.

While it’s impossible to guarantee that every product is going to be a good fit for every individual, you can have peace of mind knowing that the products you receive are a safe and effective alternative to the less clean options available in the marketplace.   We keep our finger on the pulse of the Natural products industry and pass this knowledge on to you.  We consider EWG.org (Environmental Working Group) ratings when selecting our products and use EWG verified products whenever possible.  We would love to hear your questions and product suggestions!  Please email us at hello@naturalmamaboxes.com 

*Free 1st Box, $9.99 and $19.99 First Box promotion details

From time to time we will be running “First Box” promotions. If you take advantage and sign up for a convenient “Monthly aka month to month” subscription you must wait until after the 3rd month to cancel.  So you will be charged the promo rate (ie Free or $9.99) for the first box/month and then the normal discounted price of $39.99 for the next 2 months. If you choose to cancel you can do so after the 3rd month. Or, you can just keep the subscription going. If you chose a 12 month subscription you can cancel during the 12th month.  Your first box will be charged the promo rate and the next 11 boxes will be charged the discounted rate of $37.99.  There is $5 flat rate shipping added to all orders no matter where the box is going in the United States.  Come on, that's a great deal.

Cancellation Policy


To initiate a cancellation please send an email to cancel@naturalmamaboxes.com 

If any of your products arrived damaged or defective please take a picture and email us at  hello@naturalmamaboxes.com

We give back...

Natural Mama Boxes was born on the beaches of the Jersey Shore. It’s no surprise that we a have special connection and love for the Ocean;  Specifically, our beloved Atlantic Ocean.  We truly believe in thinking globally by acting locally. This is why a portion of our proceeds are donated to local organizations that are committed to maintaining the beauty and splendor of the ocean and coastline.