About our Products

In every Natural Mama Box you can expect to receive the most clean and safe body care and comfort products.  All of the products we use are all natural, made with Organic ingredients.  We are the ONLY service that guarantees this and makes it a core value.  These non toxic products are ideal choices for pregnant women and infants.  It takes a lot of time to research which products are safe for Mamas and Babies.  It also takes a lot of time running around town trying to find these products at your local stores.  This can be a challenge if you, like us, happen to have other little ones to care for.  Who has time for that?!

This is where we come in. 

We have nearly 40 combined years of experience in the Natural products and Women's health industries.  We've done the research on HUNDREDS of brands to determine which were the cleanest yet most effective body care products.  We strive to include as many EWG Verified products as possible.  Plus, we ship it right to your door every month! This is where quality meets convenience. We all want what is best for our babies and it starts with the hygiene products we put on our body every day.  Every phase of pregnancy is different, so we have tailored our product selection to maximize comfort for whatever part of the journey you are in.