About Natural Mama Boxes

Our mission is to provide a pregnancy box filled with the cleanest, most natural and organic body care products for pregnant moms, new moms, seasoned moms and their babies.

Natural Mama Boxes was born out of our desire to share the knowledge and passion we have for the natural and organic lifestyle in the most convenient way possible.

We want to take away the need for new and expectant moms to research every ingredient when buying a new product for themselves or looking for a safe product for their family.  Because, who has time for that?!  We also make it a point to introduce you to high quality boutique brands alongside the names you are used to seeing at your local natural store.

The most natural process a woman devotes herself to is the journey from pregnancy to childbirth.  With our pregnancy boxes, you are guaranteed to be getting the safest, cleanest and most natural products available to help you on this journey.  The boxes are perfectly curated and delivered right to your door for maximum convenience.   We have the best boxes for every phase of pregnancy!  We want to take this journey together.

Who We Are

The owners, Susan and Rob, have almost 40 years combined experience in women’s health and the natural product industry!

Susan is a mama, wife, yogi, ocean lover, herbalist and natural product enthusiast! With over 15 years in the natural product industry, Susan has compiled a vast knowledge of the cleanest brands and best organic products for families.  This knowledge and passion are the foundation for the amazing product selection in our boxes! 

Rob is a daddy, husband, surfer, musician and is passionate about the organic lifestyle! As a daddy of 3 with nearly twenty years of Women’s Health industry experience, Rob is empathetic to the unique needs of pregnant mamas and their babies.

 We hope to make your life, or the life of a loved one, a little cleaner and a little easier.