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The trimester boxes will feature the cleanest and most natural pregnancy products available that help support and comfort your specific needs as you go through the three trimesters. Simply select which trimester you're in and you'll receive curated products for that specific time in your pregnancy.
Trimester Box Options - The contents of this pregnancy box will change monthly; select which trimester you're in at the time of your first order so we know where you are in your pregnancy!
One-time purchase: $39.99 
Monthly Subscription: $36.99  Most Popular!
Subscription Options: Choose a 1 time purchase or an ongoing Monthly subscription (cancel anytime!) *If you are participating in a Free 1st box, $9.99 or $19.99 First Box Promotion see Terms of Service here before purchasing.

*Brands and products will vary from month to month and may be different from the picture.  All products you receive will be helpful and relevant for the chosen box.  Of course, all products will be all natural and made with organic ingredients."