How Sustainable is our Packaging?

Hi Natural Mamas!

We all made 2020 New Year’s resolutions and let’s hope that we all break the mold of the 80% of people who fail at their resolution! 

We’re happy to say that we can cross one of our resolutions off the list and it's not even February. Our goal was to have ALL of our packaging be 100% recyclable, made with recycled material, or both.  We were almost there in 2019 but we are fully there now!

Did you know that according to National Geographic "40 percent of plastic produced is packaging, used just once and then discarded."   We believe that companies who do a lot of shipping should be more responsible in their packaging choices.  Here's how we're practicing what we preach...

Let's start with the Boxes we use.  Our boxes have always been recyclable. We always encouraged our Mamas to reuse or recycle the box after receiving it.  Click Here for some ideas on how to enjoy the box after you unpack it from our website if you’re interested.  

Recycle Me Natural Mama Boxes


You can’t help but notice that creamy crinkle packing that snuggles all those Natural items when you open your new Box.  This packing material is made from 100% Recycled Paper. 

Natural Mama Boxes Pregnancy Box Trimester Box

The last piece of the puzzle was the plastic mailbag we used for cross country shipping or if we knew the weather was going to be inclement at the destination city.   We tried to only use it when necessary and we were committed to finding a more sustainable option.  After sampling and researching a few companies we feel that we found the best option out there…EcoEnclose. 

Here’s a quote from their website….

“We think cheap, disposable products that provide short-term benefits to encourage repurchases are the past. That making decisions solely for short-term financial gain are so yesterday.” - EcoEnclose

We decided to work with EcoEnclose because this statement is in line with our core values.  Even though choosing sustainable options costs us more money we feel wholeheartedly that it is worth it and our duty as an eco-friendly company committed to sustainability.

Some facts about our EcoEnclose 100% Recycled Poly Mailers

They are made from 100% recycled content right here in the USA!  The durable, moisture, tamper and tear-resistant bags are fully recyclable and reusable.  They have a dual self-seal adhesive strip so it can be used for shipping again.  And we encourage that!  

 EcoEnclose 100% recycled poly mailer photo from EcoEnclose website


And the organic cherry on top of all of this?  100% of our shipping supplies (box, filler and mailbag) are proudly made and manufactured in the USA!

Natural Mama Boxes packaging made in the USA

It makes us so happy to be able to do our part in making the e-commerce industry more sustainable and eco-conscious.  We hope that you now feel good when you receive your Natural Mama Box, when you use the products, and when you finish with it.  



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