SO...Who had a naughty winter ;)

Hello Natural Mamas!

Are you noticing that you went to a lot of baby showers this summer?  Do you seem to spot a baby bump everywhere you go?  Well it's no surprise because the months of July, August, and September are the most busy months for live births!  How many of us had a naughty winter ;). 

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense.  Think about those cold winter nights spent Netflix and Chilling.  Count back 9 months and don't be surprised if memories of that Polar Vortex start flooding in.  Not to mention all the holiday parties!  Now that I think of it, winter really wasn't that bad!  

Mamas, enjoy the rest of your summer and don't get depressed thinking about the cold months ahead.  Apparently, we really enjoy the winter months!

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Have a beautiful day 😊





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