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Our 5 favorite Summer Activities:

  1. Tub Baths!!!!!!! Okay I only just discovered doing this last summer but you can buy a pretty good sized tub (or even use a kiddie pool or whatever you have!) at your local hardware store (or at least that is where I found mine) and it brings hours and hours of fun. I set ours out on the front porch and the girls completely love it. We have used a lot of different things in our tub baths to make it unique and exciting including flowers, foam alphabet letters (we are currently working on teaching Jessamyn the alphabet so this one has been great for that), water toys and it keeps the girls so entertained. Right now my favorite mix in for the tub water is Mr. Bubble extra gentle bubble bath. I only recently came across Mr. Bubble but apparently they have been around forever because so many people have mentioned they grew up using Mr. Bubble! and I love that The girls love the bubbles and I love that it is dye and fragrance free and hypoallergenic. They also have bath crackles and bath bombs that have made for a lot of fun and giggles around bath time and Jessamyn especially loves the bath bombs because she says they are like the ones she sees me use. Tub baths can be so unique and it is really up to you what you put in it which makes it a fresh activity all summer long.

  2. Homemade Popsicles! If you haven’t made popsicles at home you are missing out, I am not including a recipe (we don’t usually follow one) because I think it is so much fun to create your own and include what you have around you (though if you google it the recipe options are endless) but we have so much fun with this every year! I usually buy a few fun molds either just at the grocery store or online (this year it is dinosaurs per Jessamyn’s request) and we fill them with fruit and fresh juice and sometimes blend things up and create some really fun and often crazy flavors. I am going to be real I make the girls eat them outside because they melt so fast and are super messy but that just kind of makes it more fun because then it turns an indoor activity into an outdoor one as well and we have gone on so many “popsicle walks” it has been a lot of fun and also usually ends with a tub bath because umm yeah babies plus popsicles always equal a sticky mess at least around here.

3. Camping! I mean outdoor camping when I say this BUT I also know that isn’t an option for everyone so what I am going to expand this to mean is any sort of camping at all! be that in your yard, or living room, or at a friends house, or actually in a campground! Nothing says summer like camping. We usually make s’mores and stir fry vegetables with potatoes over a fire or grill and it is so good! Jessamyn loves it and we usually end up seeing a few deer in the early morning and don’t even get me started on the stars…. but like I said you can do this in your living room and create an entire weekend of fun and creative play. I have set up a tent for the girls in our living room multiple times and they always love it and usually pretend a bear has come along to join them and it is great for those unexpected rainy summer days. Also camp food is so much fun to make and so easy I am actually contemplating just cooking like we are camping all summer long.

4. Make play dough! This one is kind of a cheat because it is not a summer specific activity but we for whatever reason always end up making play dough in the summer… recipes are pretty basic but I will say my favorite mix in is cinnamon because it smells so good! The girls will take it outside and play and then also sometimes we will leave it shapes to dry and use it with water for water play (obviously the play dough doesn’t hold up terribly well for this) but it creates some interesting experiments and gives the girls a chance to create something. My favorite is when they mix in flowers and grass they found in the yard it makes for some really fun creative play and really interesting looking play dough!

5. Go Hiking! Or on a nature walk! SO Jessamyn is really into painting rocks right now and one thing we have been doing that is fun is turning hiking into a chance for her to find a new rock to paint… obviously you can’t do this everywhere and we do live on 5 acres so there are plenty of rocks for her to choose from but do be aware some places you hike do have rules about not collecting ANYTHING and we are very careful about that. Hiking with kids is so much fun though it doesn’t have to be long or crazy but even the simple act of getting out into nature or a trail in your own neighborhood can be an adventure. Also we usually make and bring our own trail mix which creates another activity and just adds to the fun and usually prevents the occasional hiking tantrum that is pretty much a given when hiking with a 2 year old and a 4 year old.

I could keep going… but those really are our top 5 summer activities that we spend doing with the girls. I would love to hear your favorite activities! As they girls get older it has been so fun being able to do more with them and experience each unique season. They see the world so differently and with such a fresh view I love it and love being able to create experiences that allow them to play and pretend and hopefully make memories that they will look back on and love.

** Also if you have any good recipes for play dough or popsicles or your favorite camping recipes please leave them below I am always looking for a new fun recipe and love hearing what others are doing!

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