New Natural and Organic Products we found at Expo East!

Hi Natural Mamas!

Rob here.  So since Susan is super pregnant (we can't wait for her little guy to arrive in a few weeks!) I took a solo trip down to Baltimore for the annual Expo East convention and it was AWESOME!  It is the premier Natural Product exposition on the East Coast.  This is where all the best brands in the Natural industry feature their newest products for Retailers.  I wanted to write a little Blog about some of the new products and brands that I sampled and brought home for Susan to sample.  The first thing I noticed when entering the expo was just how nice and down to Earth everyone was.  In fact, when I checked into my hotel the hostess told me that this one her favorite weeks every year because the hotel is packed with really nice, chill people!  Perhaps it has something to do with everybody using Natural and Organics products?  I have absolutely no science to back that claim up but I believe it's a factor ;)  It was really great meeting with many of the awesome brands we currently carry in our boxes (like Earth Mama, Badger, EO, Moon Valley Organics to name a few).  It just reinforced that we are providing our Mamas with the best products from companies that are run by people that truly have passion for what they create. 

One of the great things about Expo East is getting to meet and sample some of the new brands that are making a name for themselves in the Naturals industry.  One of our goals at Natural Mama Boxes is exposing our Mamas to small, boutique brands that make great products and have a great story.  Here, in no particular order, are 4 fantastic brands that I met with and will be appearing in our future boxes.  Be sure to check out our Pinterest and Instagram page to see more great brands that I met and will be featured in our boxes

1.  Hug More Baby Company

"Created for conscious parents, Hug More uses natural, safe and simple ingredients that nurture your baby’s sensitive skin. Made without harsh cleansers and additives, multi-tasking formulas contain plant-powered ingredients that are gentle and cuddle-approved."  There is so much to love about this line of products.  Really cute packaging and clean ingredients.  Your babies will love these products. 

2. O My! Bath and Body

I had the pleasure of meeting the head farmer, Vicky!  I'm real excited to start working with this brand.
O My!® makes natural goats milk soaps and lotions using a home-grown recipe was perfected over the course of 10 years on a goat farm in Knott's Island, NC.  Goat Milk is very beneficial to the health of our skin due to the similar PH Balance, as well as the natural Vitamins and Minerals found within! O My!® Goat Milk Soaps have been known to moisturize dry skin, help to heal sensitive skin conditions, and exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving a healthy glow that is noticeable by others!
The O My!® brand is well-known for it's natural beauty and that all starts from within! It's not just about the high quality natural ingredients... it's also about WHAT'S NOT in O My!®" This brand is right up our alley!
Their mission is simple "to do as the bees do and bring a little bit of happiness to the world."  Their products are made with beeswax and honey and free of toxins.  In fact, they  pass all of their ingredients through the EWG’s Skin Deep Database to ensure that they meet outside standards for safety!  They all smell delicious and feel wonderful, too.  Very excited to start offering products from this brand.  
This company is a family-owned and operated, USDA certified Organic  company that is based inAlabama.  They are dedicated to creating and manufacturing luxury safe, effective and affordable organic personal care products.  They have a comprehensive line of products for skin care, hair care, deodorants, soaps, lotions and bug sprays.   We can't wait to spoil Mamas with their products!
We are so excited to diversify the brands we offer to our Mamas!  Don't forget to take a look at our Box collection for yourself or a loved one.
Have a great day, Mamas!

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