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HHi Natural Mamas!  

Being that World Breastfeeding Week starts today I wanted to write a quick blog about the beauty and challenges of breastfeeding.  The bond created between mama and baby while you breastfeed cannot be properly put into words and the bond alone is reason enough to consider nursing.  In addition, the health benefits for both mom and baby are well documented. 

Here are a few of these benefits that make the commitment to breastfeeding worthwhile.

  • breast milk contains antibodies that help baby fight off bacteria and viruses.
  • breastfed babies are at lower risk for asthma.
  • shown to have fewer ear infections, diarrhea and allergies.
  • some studies suggest that breastfeeding is linked to higher IQ scores!

Nursing also has benefits for Mama, too! 

Breastfeeding burns a ton of calories so it can assist in taking that pregnancy weight off faster.  The process also lowers Mama's risk of ovarian and breast cancer.  While nursing, your body releases oxytocin which helps return your uterus to pre-pregnancy size and may play a role in the reduction of post birth uterine bleeding.

 The Challenges

While breastfeeding is a 100% natural process it can be challenging for some mothers.  Some infants have a hard time latching and this can be frustrating and demoralizing.  Thankfully, most hospitals have Lactation Specialist readily available to assist.  Exclusively breastfeeding is time consuming and is a huge commitment, especially if mama is planning on returning to work.  And let's get real for a second, it can be really hard on our nipples!  Thankfully, there are plenty of safe, natural products that are available to help comfort and ease this pain.  

Despite some of the challenges that can come with nursing it is worth it to give it a try.  The benefits to mama and baby are so great that it is worth committing to.  However, every mama's journey is different and if breastfeeding doesn't work out THIS IS TOTALLY OK!  This doesn't change the fact that you are an AWESOME mama that is the most important person in the life of your baby.  

Here are some helpful links to Breastfeeding information and resources:

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Be well, Mamas!!!




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